Welcome to the Chocolate Factory

Welcome to the Chocolate Factory, Pattaya!our new branch in a spectacular scenic setting. This features a proud extension of our restaurant and chocolate shop services to another unique locality to offer guests fine quality food and products in addition to our must-visit primary location in KhaoYai.

Enjoying the magnificent sea view from a cliff top which overlooks a quiet beach, customers can choose to relaxingly dine in any of the three spacious areas, a comfortable air conditioned floor-to-ceiling glass room, the open terrace, or the upper deck terrace.

Committed to offering our guests a variety of fine delicious food, we serve a wide selection of locally sourced seafood and international dishes, to name a few –Spicy pasta with king prawn, Lobster Thermidor, Greek Salad, Italian Bruschetta and Bolognese, and Australian Beef Tenderloins. Our tasty Napoli-style Italian pizzas are freshly baked in a brick oven behind a glass window, from which guests can witness our use of authentic premium ingredients. We also serve a wide range of selected wines and beverages to perfectly accompany your meal.

At the Chocolate Factory, as the name suggests, guests can enjoy watching the chocolatiers handcraft each piece of chocolates through a large glass window. Our prestige range of chocolates is the creations of Chef Eric Perez, the former 2nd Place World Class winner for pastry and former Pastry Chef to the French Embassy in Washington DC. Committed to quality, we use the finest ingredients from the world’s premier sources to guarantee the most refined and freshest chocolates. Our comfortable chairs and sofas along with the spectacular surroundings will encourage you to sit and enjoy some freshly made chocolates, cakes, patisseries, or take a selection or a gift set home.

Chocolate Room & Take Home Zone

At the Chocolate Factory, you can enjoy watching the chocolatiers handcraft each piece of chocolates through a large glass window. Don’t forget to take some freshly made chocolates, cakes, patisseries, or a gift set back home !

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The Chocolate Factory – Pratamnuk, Pattaya
12 Soi Rajchawaroon,Pratamnuk Road, Pattaya, 20150

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